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About this item

  • RESEARCHED TESTOSTERONE SUPPORT - STATUS utilizes a novel, science backed formula that was designed to boost testosterone with a myriad of clinically researched ingredients at efficacious doses. The result? A testosterone booster that has helped hundreds of thousands of men!
  • MORE MUSCLE, MORE ENERGY - By supporting natural testosterone levels, lean muscle mass gains and strength gains come easier. Natural energy levels also increase with a boost in testosterone. KSM 66 Ashwagandha, found in STATUS, has been researched and shown to help improve muscle gains and workout performance.
  • BOOST LIBIDO AND DRIVE - A key ingredient in STATUS, Testosurge, has been clinically researched and found to help improve libido in men. Testosterone boosters like Testosurge can also help increase energy levels, vitality and overall health.
  • ESTROGEN BLOCKER FOR MEN - STATUS contains DIM (Diindolylmethane), which has been shown to support healthy estrogen balance in men. Sourced from cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts, DIM is the ultimate all-natural estrogen support ingredient for men.
  • POWERFUL, PATENTED INGREDIENTS - Don’t opt for competitors who use cheap, unresearched ingredients in an effort to cut cost. STATUS sets the standard when it comes to high quality testosterone booster supplements by including 4 patented ingredients: KSM 66 Ashwagandha, Testosurge, BioPerine, and AstraGin!

Manufacturer Description

Your testosterone levels are highest during adolescence and early adulthood, peaking during puberty. If it's been more than a couple years since your voice cracked, it's time to start thinking about a safe, effective testosterone support supplement. Status is your simple solution to rapidly increase your natural testosterone production higher than you would by just lifting weights. Delivering results truly worthy of today's modern man. Groundbreaking science, cutting-edge technology, and a team of recognized experts in muscle physiology, nutrition, and metabolism make Blue Star Nutraceuticals the pacesetter of the sports nutrition industry. That's why our award-wining formula Status is currency on its way to increasing the testosterone levels of 1,000,000 men around the world. Experience it for yourself today.

Product Features

MICRONUTRIENT SUPPORT. Status contains Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 at the clinically researched doses shown to boost already healthy testosterone levels. WEIGHTLIFTERS, REJOICE. Status contains ample amounts of KSM-66, a natural herb extract for which a study showed evidence that it can increase a healthy man's testosterone levels when combined with weight training, compared to weight training alone. STOP THE LOSS. TestoSurge, a trademarked ingredient that prolongs this otherwise short, but extremely valuable period during which your body reaps these valuable benefits of testosterone's ability to burn fat and build muscle. TAPPING INTO UNLOCKED POTENTIAL. Only 2 percent of your testosterone is biologically active at any moment. Unlocking even the smallest fraction of that unused potential would result in dramatic improvement to your free-testosterone levels. And that's exactly what Status does. 24/7 ON DEMAND LIBIDO AND STAMINA. Fortified with the researched backed dose of Longjack extract (100:1), Status supercharges libido and sexual drive - ensuring you and your partner have the sexual experience you both desire and deserve.

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