Post Workout Recovery - MAXAMINO PLUS 1200 - Ideal For Post Workout 2B

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1200 MG

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Health Solution Prime

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14 oz

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a:8:{i:0;s:8:"L-Lysine";i:1;s:10:"Acai Berry";i:2;s:13:"African Mango";i:3;s:4:"BCAA";i:4;s:19:"Glucosamine and MSM";i:5;s:10:"L-Arginine";i:6;s:37:"Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides)";i:7;s:8:"Tribulus";}

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Volume :

14 oz

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Purpose :



Does Not Apply

Active Ingredients :

a:10:{i:0;s:10:"L-Arginine";i:1;s:5:"5-HTP";i:2;s:12:"Açaí Berry";i:3;s:13:"African Mango";i:4;s:20:"Alpha-Linolenic Acid";i:5;s:19:"Glucosamine and MSM";i:6;s:4:"BCAA";i:7;s:4:"Maca";i:8;s:14:"Korean Ginseng";i:9;s:11:"Tongkat Ali";}

Number of Pills :


Expiration Date :

2 Years

When to Take :

a:8:{i:0;s:10:"After Meal";i:1;s:9:"Afternoon";i:2;s:13:"After Workout";i:3;s:11:"Before Meal";i:4;s:14:"Before Workout";i:5;s:14:"During Workout";i:6;s:7:"Morning";i:7;s:5:"Night";}

Features :

All Natural

Type :


Supply :

2 Month and Longer

Main Purpose :

a:28:{i:0;s:12:"Bodybuilding";i:1;s:7:"Fitness";i:2;s:14:"Gym & Training";i:3;s:14:"Weight Lifting";i:4;s:8:"Baseball";i:5;s:10:"Basketball";i:6;s:8:"CrossFit";i:7;s:7:"Cycling";i:8;s:12:"Field Hockey";i:9;s:16:"General Wellness";i:10;s:10:"Ice Hockey";i:11;s:12:"Men's Health";i:12;s:18:"Metabolism Support";i:13;s:7:"Potency";i:14;s:30:"Sports and Fitness Performance";i:15;s:17:"Weight Management";i:16;s:14:"Women's Health";i:17;s:16:"Appetite Control";i:18;s:20:"Appetite Suppressant";i:19;s:14:"Energy Support";i:20;s:11:"Muscle Gain";i:21;s:13:"Muscle Health";i:22;s:11:"Weight Loss";i:23;s:9:"Endurance";i:24;s:13:"Joint Support";i:25;s:18:"Post Workout Pills";i:26;s:17:"Improves Immunity";i:27;s:14:"Muscle Builder";}

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United States

What the Seller Says

Maxamino Plus 1200Aids In Building Muscles, Essential For Producing Enzymes,Improves Body Fitness, Lessens Fatigue(2 Bottles, 180 Tablets) Distributed by Nature Supplements LLC(Manufactured in USA) What are Amino Acids? Amino acids are beneficial to every human body. Amino acids supplements are popular with body builders because they can help muscle growth in the body. Amino acids are essentially the building blocks of protein. The amino acids in protein help to build and repair muscle tissue and perform other important functions in the body. All amino acids are found in the food we eat, in the form of protein. Protein is made up of chains of amino acids strung together, and when eaten they get digested and absorbed into the system as single units called amino acids. Once in the body, these amino acids are used predominantly for building body tissue such as muscle development, though there are other uses for amino acids such as for energy (~5%) and enzymes. Under certain condition there is a greater requirement for protein and amino acids, such as during periods of rapid growth like in teenagers, while undertaking resistance training, and when there is tissue repair such as after an injury. Benefits of Maxamino Plus 1200:Improves Body FitnessEssential For Various Physiological ActivitiesLessens FatigueAids In Building MusclesEssential For Producing EnzymesMaxamino Plus 1200 Boosting Metabolism. When you eat a protein-containing meal, your digestive tract breaks down the protein into amino acids. The liver acts as a clearinghouse for most amino acids, retaining some and releasing others into the bloodstream, where they become part of the circulating amino acid pool. The amino acid pool also contains amino acids derived from the breakdown of proteins in your body. Your tissues, including your muscles, can take up those amino acids to form proteins or, in some cases, to provide energy. Maxamino Plus 1200 for Energy. Your body's preferred fuel sources are fats and carbohydrates, which provide the majority of energy when you exercise. However, your muscles can also metabolize some amino acids for energy, especially the branched chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. When you exercise intensely for a long time, your muscles can exhaust their stores of carbohydrates, forcing them to rely more on amino acids for energy. Leucine, in particular, can contribute a significant amount of energy during a long bout of endurance exercise, such as a triathlon. Maxamino Plus 1200 Converting Amino Acids to Glucose. The liver can also convert amino acids into glucose, or blood sugar, a process called gluconeogenesis. Glucose from gluconeogenesis fuels carbohydrate-depleted muscles during long bouts of exercise and serves as an energy source for the brain and kidneys. The amino acid alanine is particularly important for gluconeogenesis when you exercise. As your muscles burn carbohydrates, they produce a compound called pyruvate, which can be converted into alanine. The liver converts alanine into glucose, which is released into the bloodstream to be taken up by glucose-hungry tissues. Maxamino Plus 1200 for Post-Exercise Recovery. When you exercise, your muscles and connective tissues incur microscopic damage that must be repaired during the post-exercise recovery period. That damage is what stimulates your muscles to become bigger and stronger, especially after resistance exercise. To make repairs, your muscles use circulating amino acids to synthesize new proteins. The American College of Sports Medicine, or ACSM, recommends that endurance athletes consume 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day to assist with recovery. Resistance athletes, such as weightlifters, may need up to 1.7 grams per kilogram per day. Although some athletes supplement with branched chain and other amino acids, the ACSM notes that such supplements have not been shown to improve athletic performance. Maxamino Plus 1200 for Retention of Muscle Mass. Amino acids and protein are known to aid in the muscle-building process when used in conjunction with resistance exercise, but research indicates amino acids may also benefit muscles that are not being trained. A study conducted at the University of São Paulo and published in the June 2010 issue of the journal "Muscle & Nerve" found that supplementation of the amino acid leucine in rats helped prevent muscle breakdown in muscles that were purposely immobilized. The researchers explain that leucine reduced the expression of genes that break down muscle during periods of inactivity. Maxamino Plus 1200 Abdominal Fat Loss. Although most fat loss supplements contain high levels of stimulants and other ingredients that claim to increase your metabolism, amino acid supplements may support fat loss. According to a study published in "Menopause" in 2007, supplementation of a soy amino acid supplement for 3 months helped fight the growth of abdominal fat in post-menopausal women. use of an amino acid supplement in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet may offer superior fat loss compared to dieting alone. Serving Size: 2 TabletsServings per container: 45 Supplement Facts: Hydrolyzed lactalbumin 2,400 mg L-Leucine 235 mg L-Isoleucine 112 mg L-Valine 103 mg L-Arginine 43 mg L-Lysine (Free Form & Lactalbumin) 265 mg L-H is tidine 60 mg L-Methionine 60 mg L-Phenylalanine 57 mg L-Threonine 151 mg L-Tryptophan 31 mg L-Tyrosine 79 mg L-Alanine 84 mg L-Aspartic acid 223 mg L-Cystine 43 mg L-Glutamic acid 285 mg Glycine 31 mg L-Proline 216 mg L-Serine 103 mg L-Carnitine (Free Form Amino Acid) 10 mg L-Ornithine (Free Form Amino Acid) 100 mg OTHER INGREDIENTS: Magnesium stearate, modified cellulose gum, cellulose, vegetable stearin, dicalcium phosphate, silica and food glaze. Contains milk. SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, adults take two tablets, three (3) times daily between meals, preferably prior to or immediately after exercise or as directed by a health care professional. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children. Post Workout Recovery - MAXAMINO PLUS 1200 - Ideal For Post Workout 2B CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. *

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